Meet Your New Fitness Partner
Trek Fitness bikes will never miss a workout.
Here's an excerpt from our new Cycling Guide. If you didn't get your FREE copy, come pick one up at the store. To reserve a copy for pickup (while supplies last) please send us an email.

Trek's 7.5 FX in our Cycling Guide.
The (surprising) road warrior
The Alpha Aluminum frame on the 7.5 FX makes fitness fun - and fast. Smooth tires roll quickly and absorb bumps, while the Bontrager carbon fork erases any remaining vibration. A 24-speed Shimano drivetrain gives you the gears to reach high places - and high speeds. The Trek FX series ranges from $429.99 to $2,419.99. Shown: 7.5 FX, $749.9

 Trek's 7.2 FX WSD in our Cycling Guide.

This gym is for women only.
The women-specific 7.2 FX WSD features a shorter top tube, for an ergonomically friendly position without compromising your pedal power. Narrow handlebars and short-reach brake levers reduce shoulder and hand fatigue. A specially designed saddle reduces pressure and improves comfort for long (and fun) rides. Shown: 7.2 FX WSD, $429.99

Trek's KDR 7.2 FX in our Cycling Guide. The alternative to children's television.
The Trek KDR 7.2 FX gets your 9 -12 year old outside and active. Its aluminum frame and steel fork are light, strong and durable, so kids will enjoy years of thrills (and fitness). A low standover height fits growing legs, and powerful brakes provide plenty of control.
Shown: KDR 7.2 FX, $429.99
Dress to impress (no one but yourself). The ideal jersey looks great on and off the bike. The (1) Trek Women's Zip Front Jersey, $59.99 does both, plus it has a hidden pocket for tiny necessities. The (2) Trek Women's Short Skort, $59.99 looks like a skirt but rides like a short. The stretchy outer skirt moves easily yet won't fly open, and the inner short has a comfortable liner pad.
Trek cycling gear makes every ride fun!
Trek and Nike accessories make riding fun! Ride hard and walk easy in the clip-in compatible (3) Women's Nike Kato Shoe, $89.99. The (4) Trek Incite 9i Wireless Computer, $79.99, helps you track your rides, and is guaranteed to increase your dedication - and enjoyment.
 Increase your fitness and fun with Trek!

Bikes Make Fitness Fun and Easy
Frequency is better than length. You'll achieve more fitness and weight control by riding 4 times a week for 30 minutes, than once a week for 2 hours.
Put time on your side so you can get away fast - keep your helmet, shoes, gloves, etc. near your bike. Keep water bottles near a sink. Get a seat pack to hold your keys, money, snacks and tools.
Spinning lightly in an easy gear is much better than straining in a hard one. Aim for 90rpm (Lance goes 120!) and you'll last longer and develop a stronger heart.
Keep it fun. Try a new time, different routes, and new partners. Ask us for ideas.
Drink lots of water after your ride. This re-hydrates you and fills you up so you don't post-ride gorge.
If you ever have pain from riding, talk to us immediately. We'll do our best to fix the issue, leaving you wanting to ride every day. 


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